" Just Show Up"

In My Meditation Today: ” Just Show Up” was the message in my meditation today as I battled two loud voices within berating me for not completing what I had set out to do yesterday and ridiculing me for dreaming too big. If you pay heed to the fears and doubts within – you lose focus, your energy splits and a house divided against itself cannot stand – So IGNORE THE NAY-SAYERS & JUST SHOW UP. When I finished the posts about the Grand Story of the Divine Mother, I had wanted to round the posts off by paying tribute to three of the most powerful women I had known. At the time I thought that the Grand Story of the Divine Mother is about Goddesses and women and the empowerment of women. It seemed fitting then to bring my interpretation of that myth to an end by chronicling the stories of these three powerful women who had in one way or another been expressions of powerful goddesses. I have been conflicted about ending it that way for a long while. I have felt that the tributes were incomplete because I had not written one to my Dad. A tribute to him did not fit neatly into my idea of women & empowerment. On the other hand, leaving him out of the equation made no sense because he was so responsible for the person I am today. So, I decided to give up my idea of tying these posts into tidy bundles and to follow my heart.
My father was an extraordinary human being. He lived the adage ” Dare to Dream” and had a magical ability to hold onto that dream and maintain his focus no matter what anyone else said to him or about him.
The seventh child in a family of eight, my father never forgot the scary night when his oldest sister almost died from an asthmatic attack because of the lack of access to health care. A young man in school when this happened, he decided, that he would someday build a free hospital in his village. I have called this his dream all my life, but as I write this, I realize that it was less a dream and more a decision.
The picture of my father in this post shows him sitting inside the free hospital that he built in his village.
It took him many many years to get here and several detours. Along the way, he went from being a chemist in a factory that made Nivea cream to Managing Director of multinational companies and everything in between.
On the side, he was an entrepreneur who manufactured and sold shaving cream and dishwashing powder; tried his hand at exporting and importing goods and finally settled on providing much-needed labor to the Middle East.
I list all of the things that he tried because it shows you how he kept showing up.
He never gave up.
He never reneged on the decision made all those years ago..
He just showed up.
He walked through each door that opened.
He put one step in front of the other.
He kept showing up.
Throughout this time, he weathered overt and covert criticism from family and friends. He never bothered to defend his actions, and he never stopped talking about the hospital he would build even when others scoffed at him. He just kept showing up.
I was approximately eight years old when he started his first business, and I was 15 when he finally hit the jackpot and became a highly successful businessman. For the longest time, I had thought that my Dad’s journey from an unsuccessful businessman to a very successful one took forever.
It was when I narrated my father’s story to a friend recently that I realized that it took him seven years. Seven years of ignoring naysayers, maintaining his focus and holding on to his dream and just showing up.
As with my tribute to my grandmother, my mother, and mother in law – this post by itself hardly does his life justice. Each of these lives deserves a complete biography. This post describes how his life and the way he lived it continues to influence how I live and how I have encouraged my children to live their lives.
As I ended my meditation today and felt his presence all around me, I knew that it was time to write this post.
It was time to thank my Dad and let him know that we are continuing to live as he lived.
We are continuing to ” Just Show Up.”
Are You?
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