Visualize, Feel & Take Inspired Action

Once I saw the lake ( see photo ) and the river and all of the amenities linked to the neighborhood, I knew I had found my neighborhood. It checked all my boxes of living in a house with a gorgeous view – except it had a lot more than just a view. Then it was just a matter of finding the right house in the neighborhood. That fell into place in perfect time.
In terms of selling my condo, after a particularly potent and immersive visualization and meditation, I walked out of my condo and I saw a young Indian in my parking lot a few cars away from me. We chatted for a few minutes & it turned out he was looking for a place in my neighborhood. Within 20 minutes of the end of my visualization/meditation, I kid you not, I had a buyer before I had even thought about talking to an agent about listing the house.
So – Visualize your dream, let your imagination loose, focus not so much on the specifics of the dream but how it will make you feel the excitement or the relief; the security; the joy. Stay in that space for a little while.
Then truly let go.
The “how” or the “when” is not up to you. As I said in the previous post – there is a perfect time for everything.
Do your part.
Your tree will bloom in perfect time. You plant the seed and tend to the tree. Let God do the rest.
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