If you get the Inside Right, the outside will fall into Place

So – if I beat myself up about not being good enough – I will find evidence in the world that tells me that I am not good enough. This will come from co-workers or significant others, friends or children – if not specifically in words, the sense of not being good enough will be reinforced through circumstances that make the voice of your critic louder. Similarly – as you build yourself up inside, you will begin to see that reflected back to you as well.
I have been on a long journey that has focused on building me up from the inside. Every so often I feel I have made what felt like quantum leaps. Despite the fact that I have multiple graduate degrees ( 3 Masters & a doctorate), I still felt inadequate in my profession. My inner critic was powerful and great at minimizing my successes and magnifying my failures.
In Feb of this year, I signed up to get certified as a “ Tapping into Wealth Coach”. As a result of this training, I have really shifted my inner space. I recognize my value. I see that I am smart. I know that I am an invaluable resource to many, not least my children & my husband. One of my practices over the past several months has been to acknowledge and celebrate this about myself as I tap my acupressure points. I have felt a genuine shift in my inner architecture.
The universe set up a demonstration of the “ Tat Tvam Asi” principle, for me :). Over the past week, I have had a colleague tell me how intelligent I was and how much she valued my contribution to the team. In over two decades of professional interactions, that is the first time I have heard that from a colleague. A no-holds-barred compliment – that was no hedged with any but or ifs. I implicitly believe that that is a reflection of how much work I have done on myself. A cherry of the validation cake? Yesterday, a friend said to me, “ Sree you are one of a kind! I really admire you!”
As my sense of my value and worth increases inside, the world outside reflects that back to me.
Would you like to change the architecture inside you to see it reflected back to you?
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