Calming the Chaos of Everyday Life.

A free online training with Dr. Sree Meleth

Wednesday, April 14 | 7pm- 9pm

Learn how to turn down the volume, temper the turmoil, and slip into a beautiful state of peace—whenever and wherever you are.

Imagine being able to:

  • Let go of stress, no matter what’s happening around you
  • Observe your powerful emotions without being controlled by them
  • Live every day with a sense of ease and wellbeing
  • Free your energy to focus on what truly matters to you

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Healing the world begins with healing ourselves. What we see “out there” is a reflection of what’s inside. I’m here to help you move beyond doubts and fears. To show you how to see your true value. And to teach you how to amplify the love and compassion that is available for yourself, your family, your communities, and the entire planet.



“Thank you wholeheartedly for sending us your videos Sree. It transported me straight to peace and stillness instantly.”
Cimone Louise
“I have been listening to the video meditations of Dr Sree Meleth for a number of weeks now. I generally find it hard to meditate, and have been pleasantly surprised by these recordings.They ease me into my body and into a quieter place in myself. Sree's voice is soothing and gentle. She guides me with short, straightforward instructions that are easy to follow and implement. I find my sleep has improved and even during the day, I can revisit the quiet space by bringing her words and voice to mind. Thank you for a real gift.”
Jude Fay
“I have increased energy, increased desire, increased focus. I now have the tools to use to calm and focus myself under stress. I am extremely grateful the work we’ve done together.”
Evangelia Kingsley, USA
“ In working with Sree, I felt guided and supported in ways that I have never felt before.”
Tanisha England, NYC, NY

Ready to claim your peace?
Reserve your spot now!