Know Your Value & Free Yourself to Stand in Your Power

Know Your Value & Free Yourself to Stand in Your Power

This coaching delves deep into the ways in which we have lost or restrained our power . By working systematically through each chakra from the root up through the sacral, the solar plexus chakra and finally the heart chakra to release energies blocked in each of these chakras. This results in a deepening knowledge of yourself; the recognition of the power you have and the ability to unapologetically stand up and speak out. This in turn results in better relationships, greater opportunities at work, improved income and a great sense of peace.

The First Chakra – Acknowledging your Absolute Right to be Here Now – Exactly as you are.

  • Stores the earliest experiences and trauma related to physical and emotional safety.
  • Rejection of your Body and self learned from your family.
  • Unquestioned truth that we have accepted about the world, money, people and personal value.

These memories and stored experiences rob you of your power and makes you constantly question your right to exist. The questioning of your right to be here results in us not going after our dreams because we do not feel we deserve to dream; it makes us question our value; it keeps us stuck in ineffective and destructive patterns of behavior. In this module we go through each of these aspects of the blocks in the first chakra and release these blocks using a combination of visualization, EFT, and meditations.


Module 2- 3 sessions – 3 processes

The Second Chakra – Opening Up to Receiving.

  • Stores experiences and lessons learned from the denial of our deepest needs as a child.
  • Suppresses the energy of rage and anger because we learn it is unsafe to feel / express it.
  • Suppresses the life force energy of creativity, passion and money.

The experience of having our needs denied in big and small ways by the adults around us, results in confirming the sense that we are not valuable. We learn that anger and frustration to not having these deep needs met is not safe to express or in many cases even to feel fully.

Our playful energy, creativity, the ability be unafraid to want something and ask for it clearly is compromised. The processes in this module help rewire the chakra to acknowledge and honor the pain of needs that were not met; safely express the rage and anger which results in releasing your life force anergy for increased creativity, passion and money.


Module 3 – – 3 sessions
Chakra 3 – Reclaiming your Power.

  • Stores Memories of being disempowered. Unable to set boundaries.
  • Acts from the resulting false premise that it is safer to stay small and not be seen .
  • Lack of confidence in speaking up, asking for what you want that manifests in relationships that do not work; unfulfilled work situations etc.

Once the playful, creative energy of the second chakra is released, we are ready to take action but realize there are memories of trying to act and being blocked. These processes clear these memories, allow us to develop the courage to be seen and heard when we clearly ask for and work for what we need.

Module 4 – 3 -Sessions
Chakra 4 – Healing & Forgiveness

  • Heal events in the past- core wounds that attacked your power
  • Convert your inner critic / judge into an ally
  • Integrate the rejected parts of your shadow – allowing you to stand tall in your power .

The processes in this module help you to heal backward and forward. We work on you opening your heart to deep wounds in the past that you are still punishing yourself and others for. You also , heal forward, i.e. recognize how these stories can stop you in the future. Profound work that results in a heart opening you did not know you need to reach your potential.