Peace & CalmHave these past couple of years felt like being on a roller coaster of emotions? Up one minute and down the next?  Or maybe it felt more like a continual downward descent with no option to escape.

A continual sense of dread?

Do you yearn to find a still place, a quiet place where you can just stop thinking  & spiraling down? 

I know exactly where you have been because I have been there myself. Not just in the past couple of years but several times since my first real encounter with the unpredictability of life – when I lost my mother in a plane crash at the age of 19. 

After decades of trying to find a sense of peace and calm in order to function effectively as a wife, mother, doctoral student, and public health researcher, I discovered my own way to meditate.

I found a way to quickly get into my body and find a still quiet center from which to act.

Let me help you in this time of great uncertainty

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The first one will teach you to get fully in your body and find the still quiet center.

The second will help you slip into the observer mode and observe your runaway emotions instead of being them.

The third will show you how to get act from that space.

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These videos will swiftly take you to the space of stillness that is at your core. As you become more adept at accessing the peace at your core – you will notice that people around you become more peaceful because what is outside you is a reflection of what is within. As each one of us steps into this work, we create more peace in the world.

It only takes a few minutes. I have led colleagues at work through this practice in short ten-minute breaks. The focus & clarity that one gets after this short practice is invaluable.
You can do this in your car ( not when driving :)), at your dining table, or in the restroom.

Try it out for FREE. Fill in the form & let me help you find that inner peace & show you it is always accessible. 


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