Peace. Power . Presence

Peace. Power . Presence ​

We are told early on that it it wrong to be angry or jealous. We do all kinds of things to avoid feeling sad. We feel guilt and shame when we act in ways that we are told is not right. There is a lot of judgment that we felt and still feel when we feel these emotions.

The truth though is that there is no human being on this earth who has not experienced all of these so called “negative” emotions multiple times over. What do we do with them? We suppress them, we hide them away so that they form part of what is often called our shadow.

Peace, Power & Presence is a set of 10 guided meditations you get to do at your own pace.

These meditations start off by teaching you to access the quiet, still center within yourself, become an observer of your emotions and then finally to welcome all the emotions you experience (and have supressed or pushed away) into your hearts as a valid legitimate part of you.

What happens when we open the door to all our flaws and look them square in the face? You become a human being who is completely comfortable in your skin. You do not suppress and hide any part of you.

You welcome your light and shadow. As a result, you become a more integrated human being who does not need to judge others to feel good about yourself. As I often tell my clients, this journey towards complete integration is not linear. It is the work of a lifetime.

However, even a few steps along the path result in a greater peace, more focus, and a lot more compassion for the struggles of other human beings along the path.

This increased peace with who you are is reflected in your energy and the work you put out into the world. This is why I am so passionate about encouraging you to do the work in this course. I believe with all my heart that, as you do this work of integration, the increased peace within you ripples out, into your immediate family, your extended family, your neighborhood, your social media followers, and ultimately to the world.

This kind of work on yourself is the biggest thing you can do to contribute to creating more love, compassion, and peace in the world. Welcome to your path to changing the world one emotion at a time.

Celebrating Life :)

The magic that I hope we will create by doing this work is that as we learn to accept ourselves, flaws and all, we will be able to be more accepting of other human beings in our life and as more and more of us do this, we end up in a world with less hostility and more compassion.