Freeing Ourselves

I teach women to go from wondering if other people like them to loving and valuing themselves so that they see this value reflected in better relationships and higher incomes.

Welcome to Freeing Ourselves

I am Dr. Sree Meleth, a public health researcher and a transformational life coach. I created “ Freeing Ourselves” to help my clients stop the continuous questioning of their value, quiet the unrelenting critic in their mind, and help them step into the highest and best version of themselves. To help them step into the dream life that a small quiet voice inside them has forever insisted was their destiny. I do this by teaching my clients
  • To recognize the power of the stories and beliefs we inherit from our family
  • How they shape our sense of what is and is not possible.
  • How to rewrite them and create a completely new story for yourself.
When your inner story changes, your outer experience changes. The experiences described by my clients below , the increased income, the greater focus, more energy; the ability to stand up and demand that others see your value, are all a result of this work. There are several layers to this work.


“Hating ourselves is easy .
The challenge here is to learn to love ourselves. 
That is our ultimate purpose.”


Wait before you go!
Have you heard of
“The Imposter Syndrome”?
Do you have it?​