About Dr. Sree Meleth

Dr. Sree Meleth, raised in a Hindu Nair family with diverse beliefs, embarked on a journey of faith after losing her mother tragically at 19. Over 42 years, this path evolved from tentative steps to unwavering connection, offering strength through life’s upheavals, from personal loss to global relocations.


With multiple degrees, raising accomplished children, and battling Imposter Syndrome, Sree’s purpose is clear: helping others embrace their worth. Her guided meditations and coaching reflect this mission.

On Purpose Woman

Ch 12: ‘ Allowing the Authentic You’- The Secret to Attracting More Clients.’

Quote from the book:

‘If life has taught me anything in these past 64 or so years, it is that there is a time for everything to fructify. It is that I do best when I am authentically myself. The trick is to allow time for an idea to ripen, be ready, and be satisfied with small steps toward the long-term goal.”  Dr. Sree Meleth

More Than

Peace, Power & Presence Through Meditation

This book is a guide to experiencing the deep peace that comes from learning to be completely at home with you, exactly as you are at this moment in your life. As you learn to gain power over your emotions, fears, and insecurities that have kept you stuck no longer have power over you, and you are able to step into the life of your dreams.

There are ten guided meditations in this book, and each one builds on the previous one.

Discover, Reflect & Connect with Words That Can Transform Your Life

Trust: Letting go, Resting back, Relaxing. into the Flow, Knowing life is always Unfolding in My Favor

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