There is a Perfect Time for Everything..Trust, Do Your Part; Let Go.

I see these two Redbuds daily as I walk around the lake in my neighborhood. They live right next to each other.

This photo is taken on the same day in spring a few years ago.

I was fascinated by the fact that they are so close to each other but have completely different results regarding the number of blooms.

It was time for the first tree to blossom, but it was not yet time for the other. The tree on the right does not beat itself up – it just keeps on doing it’s thing and allows the blossoms to show up when they will.

Do you look around and punish yourself because you are not as far ahead as someone else?

These Redbuds that live right next to each other illustrate that the timing of your blossoming is not up to you. You show up, absorb the sunlight, draw in the water, and nutrition. The blossoms will happen when they will. Do what you can enjoy the process, and let go of the results.


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