NEVER Doing That Again!


It had been a long time coming. He would finally be seen and heard by important people in his field. He had practiced and felt fully prepared. He was dressed in his best outfit.

He walked into the arena. He got up on stage and walked up to the mike. Just as he was about to say his opening, he noticed someone who reminded him of his High School drama teacher sitting in the front row.

  He shook his head as if to shake off the memories of the years of ridicule he had suffered at that teacher’s hands. He cleared his throat to speak, but it was as if shame, fear, anger & frustration blocked his throat.

He stood there with an open mouth & blank face for a full minute. Someone dropped something in the hall & he pulled himself together.

It was too late, however.

All of the practice had come to naught.

He finished his presentation, but instead of being spectacular, it was mediocre.

Instead of walking away feeling jubilant, he walked away feeling small, drained, and ashamed.

“I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!  ” he swore to himself.

After this, it became impossible for him to speak in public. He found every excuse to not stand in front of a crowd.

A few years later, he was completely engrossed in a passionate  1-1 conversation about his new product. His expertise & passion were impossible to miss.

“ You should be up on a stage selling this!” The friend listening to him said.

AJ froze mid-sentence; his face drained of all the enthusiasm & passion. He stopped talking and stared at the wall behind his friend. He was sweating, and he kept clasping & unclasping his hands. His friend reached out  & held the restless hands & said – ‘Ohh – I am sorry. I did not mean to upset you, but did you know that I was once terrified – had a phobia of speaking on a stage? “

AJ looked up at him in surprise. His friend was one of the most confident speakers he knew.

“ I worked with a coach to help me recognize the deep-seated origins of the phobia & then used mind-body techniques like EFT, meditation, and visualization to overcome my fear. I still do a round of tapping. Meditation & visualization before I start any talk. Let me share her contact with you. It is definitely worth at least booking her Clarity Call to see if she can help you.

AJ booked the call & signed up for the coaching. They worked on the memories of high school, the memory of the big gaffe described above & slowly but surely, AJ began to feel his confidence return.

He could now visualize himself in front of a crowd without panicking.

He offered to be the presenter at the next event. After preparing & practicing his talk, he spent time visualizing & tapping.

He tapped and visualized before he went on stage. He was calm & collected. He noticed the same person in the crowd, but he smiled, cleared his throat & started speaking.

AJ had a specific memory that he could work on, but often, our fears & phobias are based on experiences buried deep within our psyche because it feels unsafe to remember them fully.

I help my clients work through the conscious and unconscious memories that have become the basis of their limiting beliefs. Using tapping, meditation & visualization, I help clients overcome & rewrite these beliefs.

What is it that you are afraid of? Click here to book a FREE call to learn how these techniques can help you.

          In My Meditation Today: Thinking about the word Freedom & what it really means. Are any of us really free unless we are completely comfortable with ourselves? If we indulge in sh*t talking to ourselves – we are not free. We are in a prison of our own making. The beauty about being in a prison of our own making is that the keys to the door are also with us.

The intention of Freeing Ourselves is to help each of us find the key to unlock our prison door & to fly free.

Click here to book a call. Free Yourself from your fear. It is time to step up & do your thing!

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