Freeing Ourselves

She had big dreams when she was little. She expected to be seen and heard and be something special & Yes – that she would be famous. That her life had made a difference.Now, she is in the upper middle class with sufficient income to spare. She is Middle-Aged. To everyone else, she appears to […]

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A little over ten years ago, when my granddaughter was learning to stand, I remember watching her try to stand & land on her little behind again & again and still stand up & try. She did not know that she was supposed to feel ashamed or not enough for not succeeding. The knowledge that

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NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN! It had been a long time coming. He would finally be seen and heard by important people in his field. He had practiced and felt fully prepared. He was dressed in his best outfit. He walked into the arena. He got up on stage and walked up to the mike. Just

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